Corporate Support

Workers' Compensation
AOE/COE Investigation
Surveillance (law enforcement standards)
Deposition Review
Serious and Willful
Suspected Fraudulent Claim Review and Analysis
DA and US Attorney Fraud Submissions
Specialized Fraud Training for Insurer’s and Insured

Liability and Automobile
Witness Interviews and Statements
Accident Reconstruction and Subrogation


Electronic Data Exchange
Information/Public Records Search
Social Security Tracking
Professional Licensing
Asset Analysis
Litigation Support Services
Bankruptcies and Liens
Civil Search
Criminal Search
Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Due diligence is the background and environmental investigation of a subject on our clients behalf, in order to assist in the evaluation of risk. This can support civil and criminal investigations as well information security. Our services may also be deployed to support commercial property evaluation and assessment concerns.

Risk management
Risk management is needed to quantify potential losses in any situation, and recommend the appropriate action (or inaction) given objectives as well as the risk tolerances of the client. A good risk management program will save time, money and potentially life.

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management is the practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities, whether physical, environmental or technical. Vulnerability management is integral to physical, as wells as environmental and infrastructure security.
SPERR Group can perform on-site surveys document and communicate recommendations improving internal and external integrity of businesses, facilities, agencies or situations.

Threat Assessment
Threat assessment is used to evaluate the risk posed by an individual or group, typically as a response to an actual or perceived threat. In a threat assessment inquiry or investigation, we gather information, evaluate the facts, and determine the level of threat against the target. If the investigation indicates that there is a risk of violence, we develop and implement a plan to mitigate that threat.

International Investigations
SPERR Group provides investigations of persons, property, or Court supported cases outside of the United States of America.

Law Firm Counsel Support
SPERR Group seeks to deliver unparalleled investigative, intelligence and analysis supporting Law Firms and their global affiliates. A disciplined approach of investigation & intelligence delivers the critical difference to various legal practices. Our employees are some of the world's most elite experts in the areas of investigations, intelligence, interview/interrogation, Technology, Compliance, Corporate Governance, and related matters.

Allow us to provide strategic advice on domestic and international cases as well as supporting private sector entities regarding international matters. Guiding our Clients through the multinational forums, agreements, as well as governing structures saves our clients valuable time, money and vulnerabilities.

Asset recovery
Asset recovery refers to the task of recovery of assets that have been wrongfully taken, stolen, fraudulently misappropriated or delinquent. We will execute the legal court order delivering the assets to the lawful owner.

In-Depth Background Check
A routine background check includes:
- education
- any criminal or traffic charges
- any criminal or traffic convictions
- responsible use of credit
- membership in indentifying organizations
- self reported use of illegal drugs

An in-Depth Background check will identify associates, validate reported information and, depending on the structure on inquiry, we can offer surveillance packages.

Protective Intelligence
Protective Intelligence is methods used to identify, investigate and analyze threats to clients.
Protective Intelligence may be further viewed, as an important step in determining what threats actually exists. When threats are determined through a threat assessment a vulnerability assessment can be made and a thorough analysis of all potential dangers. Countermeasures will also be deployed to allow for early identification of threats and which mitigation plan will be best suited.

Escort and Humanitarian Aid
SPERR Group focuses on protecting life both domestic and international. Global conflict has impacted the global need for food and medicine in some of the world’s most natural disaster and conflict intensive environments. SPERR Group will provide life saving support to insert and escort critical aid items. When the need to protect life is essential SPERR Group will also extract critically wounded or injured to established life saving medical facility.

Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue is at the core of our capabilities. Global Disasters is a constant threat with the potential of increasing intensity over the next several years. Our professional can be deployed within 2-12 hours of event to offer support, search and lifesaving tactics. Our professionals have the experience to provide aide that can treat the most critically wounded or injured. We can establish single to mass casualty consolidation and evacuation points, as well as deep searches in all environments. We can deploy to any active disaster to include bio-chemical and nuclear as well as downed aircraft or lost wanderers.

  • Field medical capable up to field surgery
  • Biochemical nuclear and fire suppressing personnel available
  • Sea, Air and Land capable
  • Environments can include arctic, Mountain, Water including flooding and submerged and all other hostile environments
  • Nuisance animal capable
  • Emergency and disaster Response
  • Security Consultant

Product Testing and Research
SPERR Group focuses on protecting life with its personnel and advanced technology. We consistently communicate with Special Operation professionals to conduct field research and product tests providing the highest quality most advance technology available today. We recruit professionals that share our vision and lifesaving commitment to help us identify technology for a wide range of challenging environments.  Our organization’s focus is to deliver next generation technology to professionals that need it, and further our global commitment “To Protect Life.”

Fugitive Recovery
Recovery teams are established for fugitive recovery, warrant enforcement and other special circumstances. A full threat and lifestyle assessment will be performed for private clients. SPERR Group Sigma Agents focus on consistent training to maintain an elite level of professionalism.  Their dedication makes it possible for us to respond, assess and execute life saving tactics offering our clients proven results with mitigated liability.

Product Aspects and Capabilities

  • Develop comprehensive protocol to asses risk
  • Deploy support and Agents to protect life
    • Fugitive Recovery
    • Hostage mitigation

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