Support the Mission - Investor Relationships

SPERR Group offers numerous ways for to show your support.

We recruit largely from the veteran community in order to foster an environment that provides a mission of understanding, compassion, training, technology and skills. Veterans are exposed to the latest most advance technology today and are essential to moving our nation’s technology and economy forward. We ask everyone who is able support our mission and get involved.

Investors are encouraged to participate in our organizational growth. SPERR  Group professionals will identify if the relationship is a good fit for the organization.

The options for investment are:

  • Stock certificate
  • Funding with an expected Return on investment and Timeframe.

SPERR Group accepts personal and corporate donations to further business growth and development. Donations for us fall into two categories, equipment or funding. For equipment, we review the donated product(s) and provide recommendations. This is an invaluable tool to get feedback from professionals throughout the military and veteran communities.

Funding is important to any organization as it develops. All donations will be used to further the organization’s mission of saving lives. Our organization is unique in our approach, focusing on continual service to our community while deploying lifesaving skills to our military globally.

Our commitment to being of service never stops. We are thankful for all who have sacrificed and shown us support. We will keep our commitment to work tirelessly to save lives. Please feel contact us at Info@SPERRGroup.com with any questions or comments.

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