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Interested in becoming a Security Guard - CA BSIS Firearms Course

We are professionals that have worked in the industry and believe in the value of security and investigative professionals. Training is at the core of what makes you stand out in the industry. We want to develop and support those who have a desire to be the best agents and officers they can be.

Our company wants to bring a professional, personalized, and realistic training to our industry.  We offer CA BSIS firearms training from high-level instructors.

Our instructors are former military Special Operations professionals from the U.S. Navy SEAL, U.S. Army Special Operations and Special Mission Units as well as Elite Law Enforcement Specialty Units. Our instructors provide over 30 years of operational and training experience as well as real-life deployment experience. They are professionals who will work closely with you to insure you are prepared for success. 

We offer the firearms training needed to carry a firearm in accordance with Bureau of Security and Investigative Services certification for armed security professionals. We will personally walk you through the process of getting your Firearms Certification. We can also direct you to a location to get your background checks and equipment.

Also, we will support possible employment opportunities for top performers.  You will receive expert level instruction by the most elite professionals in the industry.

**Must be 21+ to attend.   

Contact Us: Jeff@SPERRGroup.com or Phone: (619)379-9718 for pricing and dates. 

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